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This Girl was hit by boyfriend so hard he almost broke her skull

Relationship problems

This Girl was hit by boyfriend so hard he almost broke her skull

Domestic Violence. It’s not a joke

Leigha Beans shared her story today with us on imgur. She is beautiful and a strong girl. She posted these pics before on social media but took them down because of publicity. She was very sacred at that time.

Girl was hit by boyfriend

Her assh^le boyfriend hit her so hard that it shake her skull and cracked her bone under the eyeball. she had to do surgery and puking blood all day.

Bone under her eye was cracked as you can see in CT scan (looks left on the CT scan). Doctor had to put a steel plate to support her eyeball.

Her surgery was successful but her eye vision is double. all this happened because her boyfriend slap her 3 times to wake her up. As human she pushed him back. But the Assh^le got angry and tried to break her skull.

She now left him and living her life happily. She shared her story so other womens can learn from her mistakes.


He abused her for years and she was still loyal to her. Which became her big mistake. Because once mad man start hitting their women they never stop. Lets hope this brave girl will find someone who can take good care of her.


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