About me

Let’s start with the obvious, I’m not a native English writer/speaker, I’m French, boooo. Apparently the only thing I do natively is drinking wine and complaining :).

I’m a location independent entrepreneur which in my case means a freelance web designer and a full time traveler. I’m polyamorous, pansexual and very much of a sapiosexual too.

I’m married to my awesome partner Yana who enjoys pretty much the same life style as me, as a professional watercolor artist.

I see this blog as a “thoughts box” on relationships in general where I log anything that I deem interesting and I want to talk about.

Now those are my thoughts only, I don’t have the answers, I just like talking about stuff. If you get offended I’m sorry, maybe we can talk about it?

Anyways, that’s it, I hope you’ll enjoy this blog.